Automotive Repair

Ankit Silicate supplies industrial chemicals to automotive industries for application for vehicles of all types and sizes. In automotive repair work, sodium and potassium silicate are largely used for their powerful properties. It is considered a  "green"  solution for repair works as the products is largely derived from renewable sources, with minimum environment cost. Sodium and potassium silicate is largely used in automotive repair.
  • To seal leaks in the head gasket as sodium silicate acts as a powerful sealant at 93°C that will not re-melt below 815°
  • It is poured into the radiator and allowed to circulate as its heat-resisting properties allow it to protect the gasket
  • On application steam from the radiator water will stop coming out the exhaust within minutes
  • It aids in car engine disablement as a substitute to engine oil

Photos Of Automotive Repair