Soap and Detergent

Chemical solutions for highest efficacy

At Ankit Silicate we produce a host of industrial chemicals that have diverse application in the soap and detergent manufacturing companies. Our chemical products have been developed after extensive research to deliver highest efficacy, complementing the finished good for greatest effectiveness and quality.

The chemical solutions for soap and detergent manufacturing industry are:

Adding silicates to synthetic detergents is beneficial because it softens water and is easily rinsed away. Due to the great suspending and anti-re-deposition qualities, they do not leave deposits on the fibers. Their benefits include

  • It is a building agent used in household cleaning solutions cleaning
  • Improves washing property of the detergent
  • Prevents mineral deposits by removing water hardness
  • Helps maintain suspension of the small dirt or greasy particles in washing liquid
  • Acts as a surfactant that pulls dirt from the material for segregating the soils to come out of suspension; dispersion of deflocculating of soil
  • Helps control the viscosity in production of detergent powder of a desired density
  • An ingredient in the drying process in manufacture of detergent powder
  • Acts as a binder to give appropriate degree of “hardness” to the spherical particles of detergent
  • Its alkalinity enables them to neutralize acidic stains, promote emulsification of fats and oils and disperse or solubilize proteins
  • Stabilizes pH to the desired level
  • Used for Metal cleaning, textile processing, washing dishes, dairy equipment, bottles, floors, and locomotives
  • Prevents phosphate reversion in liquid detergents
  • Gives best result for liquid and paste soaps
  • Enhances detergency of soap type detergent

Photos Of Soap and Detergent